Our Sponsors

Flex-Box, headed by Henrik Nielsen, has been a loyal sponsor of our charity for the past 13 years. He is a major supporter of the Po Leung Kuk Scholarship Fund that helps students from Hong Kong’s low income families who wish to pursue tertiary education. He firmly believes in the value of education and giving the most vulnerable children in our society the opportunity to higher education. Nielsen has been a full time resident of Hong Kong since 1989 and his firm commitment to the Po Leung Kuk Scholarship Fund is his way of giving back to the community that has nurtured and supported him for the past 26 years. 

“Charity begins at home and seeing the success of our graduated scholars gives me great joy and pride,” said Henrik.  “It encourages me to continue supporting this worthwhile project.” Nielsen is a maritime entrepreneur, investor, founder and owner of Flex-Box Limited, a private company that is a leading worldwide supplier of new shipping, storage and reefer refrigerated containers. They specialise in manufacturing shipping containers to meet customers requirements, whether it is to move an unusual cargo or serve a specific purpose in their business. Henrik Neilsen, Owner, Flex-Box Limited

"Worldwide Flight Services is one of the founding sponsors of the charity ball and one of very few that have been involved with this fundraising event continuously for 15 years. As a French company operating at 145 airports on five continents, our involvement with community support is an important element of our integration into society in each country. This is a value instilled by our Chairman, having set examples of corporate commitment to social goals in France going back to the company founding in 1971, long before Corporate Social Responsibility became fashionable. When we established ourselves in Hong Kong in 1996, we were keen to find a worthy partner. The charity’s objective of allowing young people from challenging backgrounds to develop their full potential fit very well with our own ethos. Aside from the important charitable mission, the charity ball is a key event in Hong Kong’s social calendar. It gives us the opportunity to offer customers and business partners from around Asia a unique evening of entertainment and is also an opportunity for our local staff to contribute to the mission. WFS has reaffirmed its continuing support for this important event and we look forward to being a sponsor for years to come." Barry Nassberg, Group Chief Operating Office, World Wide Flight Services

"I have had the privilege of meeting the children. I have seen how they appreciate the education and assistance benefits and then give back to help other unfortunate ones. This has certainly inspired me to keep giving over the years." 

Gina Rinehart, Chairman, Hancock Prospecting

"I am so passionate about this particular charity because it provides a sustainable and self-perpetuating way to give to those kids who are not so fortunate as others.  Also, due to the low cost income ratio of the charity, the money truly goes to the recipient of the grant. The Po Leung Kuk helps in the selection procedure and ensures the money is properly accounted for."

Marc Van Eijck, Global Head of Credit Trading, UBS

"We decided to support the Scholarship Fund because it's a cause that goes beyond just a one-time donation to make a lasting impact; we also wanted to give back to the Hong Kong community and help the underprivileged. Through this process, our company has gotten to personally know our chosen scholar, and is proud to sponsor such a motivated, hard-working and worthy individual." – Uttama Patel, Marketing Manager, Asia, Profile Search & Selection

 “The family behind Sprouts Foundation first partnered with Po Leung Kuk and the HKRU's Charity Committee over a decade ago, supporting a university scholarship for deserving PLK students. It quickly became clear that the three partners shared a much larger vision for improving the educational, personal and life prospects for many of Hong Kong's most disadvantaged students. Following this spirit, Sprouts Foundation, PLK and the HKRU Charity Committee launched their Education Services Centre ("ESC") in 2011, providing activity-based, after-school English to nearly 150 primary students in Tai Wai. Based on the success of this first initiative, the partners launched a secondary extension in 2013 (the "SESC") for a further 100 students, providing also social and professional skills, outings and career guidance that reinforced the language learning at the core of the program. Looking ahead, Sprouts Foundation continues to work with PLK and the HKRUCC on tracking the performance of our programs and students, so that the best aspects of our work can be offered to even more children from underprivileged communities around Hong Kong." - Mark & Winnie Shuper, Executive Directors, Sprouts Foundation

 “We are proud of our association with the Ruck 'N' Roll charity ball. The ball is unique; it is fun, is efficiently managed and, more importantly, it has successfully raised awareness of the plight of underprivileged children in Hong Kong. As a sponsor, I appreciate all these qualities in the charities that my company is supporting,” said Gregory Seitz. Like the other sponsors of the charity ball, Seitz invites his top clients to attend the ball not only to demonstrate appreciation for their patronage but also to reinforce his company’s pledge of giving back to the local communities in which they operate. Their company has a longstanding commitment in the field of environmental protection and social responsibility.  “I am happy and proud to be part of the ball organising committee and contribute the necessary resources to make the event a success." - Gregory Seitz, Manager, AGS Four Winds International Movers Ltd.

 “For more than five years, staff from Macquarie Group have been supporting college students navigate their career journeys, through the Macquarie Po Leung Kuk Mentoring Programme. Each year, between 8 and 16 students join the 8-month mentoring program, which includes career development workshops on topics such as personal brand, resume writing and interview skills. Outside these formal sessions, the pairs meet informally, sharing experiences and offering advice about their work experience and university life, which gives the students greater self-confidence and motivation. With many participants the first in their family to go to college or university, they generally have limited resources or access to a role model to support them in forging a career path. More than 55 students have graduated from the Po Leung Kuk Mentoring Program since the program launched in 2011 and 100 Macquarie staff have been mentors over that time." - Macquiare Group Po Leung Kuk Mentoring Programme for our scholarship students for the last five years

Our Scholars

"I was raised in a single parent family. My father passed away in my childhood with not much savings left. I started my first part time job when I was 14 to support my family. All I knew at that time was to study hard to earn a better life in future. Going to university was my dream but this could be a luxury given my family’s financial condition. I was well prepared to do more part time jobs to support my tertiary education. It was not the end of the day as I still got the chance, to study but I knew it was going to be tough. 


In 2003, my dream came true and I got admitted to the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Actuarial Science. That was the first year the Po Leung Kuk Scholarship Fund was established which changed my university life and the life thereafter. The generous support freed me from my family’s financial burden so I could concentrate on my study and explore the numerous opportunities in the University. Besides academic achievements, I could spare the time and became very active in students’ activities which further shaped my personality and broadened my exposure. I was awarded as the most outstanding student with all-rounded achievements in the hall in the University. 


I am now in my thirties. Now looking back in the old days, without the support from the Scholarship Fund, I am certain my university life would have been very different and I would not have become what I am now. In the past years after my graduation, I had the opportunities to work for the world’s top tier bank, live in different continents, start my own company and form my new family. All my ‘opportunities’ should be attributed to my education in which the Scholarship Fund has played a very important part in supporting. I wholeheartedly thank the Scholarship Fund for their generous support which led my life to a brighter future." – Karl Ka Ying Chan, graduated in 2006 with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science from the University of Hong Kong

"It has always been my aspiration to become a commercial lawyer. To students with humble background, the road to success is not easy. Thanks to the Scholarship Fund, I had the chance to work at UBS Wealth Management as a summer intern where I acquired hands-on working experience and met lots of professionals and fellow interns in this renowned bank. Despite the challenges along my road to success, I am confident that I can overcome these hindrances, because I am not alone. The Scholarship Fund is always here to support us, giving us access to opportunities." – Sarah Chan Ka Wing, Currently studying Business and Law at the University of Hong Kong

"You have given me so much for the last 5 years. Not only about the sum of money but also valuable network and experience. The scholarship allows me go around the globe attending medical conferences, joining local volunteer services. This is a memorable experience that could benefit my future patients. What we have done is so little but at the best we could. We will continue to work hard and let you be proud of us". – Bernard Shum, graduated 2014 with a degree in Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from the University of Hong Kong

"I am honored to be one of the scholarship winners, who is receiving the generosity that is offered by the PLK/Henrik Nielsen/HKRU Scholarship Fund. At present, I am an undergraduate studying German at the University of Hong Kong. My educational pursuits would not be possible without the generous support. In retrospect, it was never an uncommon phenomenon that I have to face numerous financial challenges alone owing to the unprivileged situation. Since being named one of the recipients, I am able to focus on my studies solely in order to achieve my future career goal; meanwhile, various opportunities offered by both organizations are undoubtedly unique and encouraging. For instance, the voluntary works have deepened my understanding on the minorities of the society and the internship program also broadens my horizons apart from my studies. The scholarship has provided me the prosperous and blissful moments with granting me different chances. Affirmatively, it has made an incredible difference in us!"– Joyce Yiu, Currently studying German at the University of Hong Kong

"As I am currently studying the six-year MBBS curriculum in the University of Hong Kong, the tuition fee and the rent of my residence are huge economic burdens of my family. As a result, I have been working as a part-time tutor of five students in order to ease the financial burden of my family. As these jobs are really time-consuming, I find it hard to concentrate on my tertiary study. Luckily, I can focus on my study because of this Scholarship Fund. And it is good that I may have more chances to expose myself to my future working field by joining different voluntary healthcare services and applying attachment in different hospitals in my extra time. This Scholarship Fund gives me the chance of having a fruitful and meaningful university life. More importantly, I could prepare myself to become a better doctor and contribute more to the society by this Scholarship Fund." – Novia Mozart Kong, Currently studying Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Hong Kong

"I had been living in Po Leung Kuk since I was small due to family problems. People in Po Leung Kuk have taken good care of me, and sometimes there will be volunteer workers visiting us as well. When I left PLK at 18, I had to live alone and earn a living all by myself. I have to do part time jobs to sustain my study in the university. Luckily, I got the scholarships from the PLK Scholarship Fund. I am really thankful about all the care and support I got from PLK. It really help me a lot financially so I get more time to concentrate on my studying. Not only the financial support it has given me, sponsorship company like the Macquarie also organised a mentoring program for us. In the program, mentors from Macquarie taught us job hunting skills and interview tips. All these invaluable advice I got has prepared me to be more competitive in the commercial world. They even provided us with internships opportunities where I got some precious working experience.


Now, I m working as a tour guide, bringing people all around the world. I really like this job because I can meet a lot of new people, try out new things and share my stories with them" – Coco Lau Ho Yan, BA in Travel Industry Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, graduated 2013

"I graduated from the Po Leung Kuk Tang Yuk Tien School with excellent result in both of my HKCEE and HKALE many years ago. This PLK Scholarship Fund gave important financial support to my university life which let me focus on academic achievement. 

Moreover, this scholarship offered me with opportunities to enhance my social circle, to equip with different skills. Few years ago, I attended the mentoring program held by the Macquarie Group. In the program, friends having the scholarship and I knew some helpful, talented Macquiare employees and we learnt from them, like building personal brands, interview skills, CV writing, etc. I could not realize how important it was until I graduated. 


Currently, I am helping with local community in Tiu Keng Leng working as a general practitioner and developed good rapport with the locals. The get respect from the local communities and enjoy the work satisfaction" – Bernard Shum Chun Yin, Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Universiyt of Hong Kong, graduated 2014

"I was a student from Po Leung Kok College. My mother was chronically ill which gave a huge pressure to my father. I applied for the scholarship after I got into the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


It was amazing that I received the scholarship which means I would not be a burden to my family any more. It is not necessary for me to work all the time after school. Instead, I could have some leisure time to enjoy my university life. I could spend time on rowing, reading and meeting friends.


The scholarship was not only making my U-life more fruitful, it helped us to build up our career path by offering Macquarie mentoring program. The program taught us many things: writing CV, building personal brand, presentation skills, table manners etc. All of them are essential elements when we enter the working environment. Every time before the start of mentoring program, two mentors from Macquarie would chat with us. This provides a chance that we could learn from successful people. Their spirit, story or suggestion would be a guide to us. I still remember they told me "The most important thing in your university life is: Do not be afraid of failure, just try." I am now working as a programmer in a IT company, which help airport to build system or do system maintenance. I can apply what I learnt from school to my current job. Programming is interesting: I can make contribution to others by developing system, though I am still a "baby" in IT world.

It gives a great satisfaction if your program works!


Thanks to the selfless help from the Scholarship Fund, I could have a different school life. Finally, I hope I can be a man that make the society better, just like what they want us to be" – Harold Leung, BSc in Mathematics & Information Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong, graduated 2015

"My joy of childhood was having my beloved and gentle father in my life, though I was born and raised in a single parent family. He worked fingers to the bone to earn a living. When I was 10, sadly, he was diagnosed with advanced cancer and passed away soon after it.  It was totally a disastrous moment to lose my only reliable beloved. I was promptly sent to Po Leung Kuk where I have stayed for 8 years. 

Unlike usual classmates, since high school, I always need to keep doing part time jobs after school to maintain my living & housing expenses and tuition fee. The light has gone out of my life, not to say having a dream. I had terrible academic result, but Celia & Dave Garcia gave me a trial by offering me a scholarship after knowing my life. My burden was greatly released. I was finally able to concentrate on my main duty---studying. Being recognized for the outstanding result in associate degree, I received a direct entry offer to the The University of Hong Kong!


Celia & Dave are not only supporting us financially. We are encouraged to quest for personal growth. I was fortunately selected by Macquarie Group and became their mentees. The gentle guidance of mentors are awesome, boarding my horizons with their passion in lives and works.  As no real role model during my growth, I have no clues on planning my career path. My mentors spare time from their busy works and design training plans for me to learn step by step. It was 4 years ago but I still keep their inspiring messages well.

I am a regional project and marketing manager in the largest private medical company. I am thankful to those harsh experiences in my life, they have shown me exactly where sliver linings are." – Nok Wing, Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, University of Hong Kong, graduated in 2011

"Spread the seed of kindness to others.” It is one of the most inspiring messages I got from the Po Leung Kuk/Hong Kong Rugby Union Scholarship (2013 – 2016: Po Leung Kuk/Foreign Correspondents' Club Scholarship). I still remember the chats with the generous donors in the annual lunch gatherings and charity balls. Their benevolence and passion to contribute to charity despite their busy schedules have impressed me so much. By chance I joined a volunteering program to help Myanmar migrants at Thai-Myanmar border in 2017. This year, I attempt to apply the expertise I acquired from university and extend my work to health aspect.  Working as a student intern in Mae Tao Clinic, which provides free medical service to Myanmar migrants, I wish to sow the seed that the scholarship has given me and spread the kindness, goodwill and ultimately, ultraism, to the deprived and underprivileged at a neglected corner of the world.


I also feel so fortunate to have entered Macquarie Bank Mentorship Program. The mentors are inspiring, and the workshops were very fruitful, from which I learnt a multitude of tips and skills to excel in working environments. What is more, my mentor Simon has shared a lot of interesting experiences, interpersonal skills and life lessons with me. He gave me insightful advice when I expressed my unsureness and anxiety regarding the pathway after graduation. He is not only my mentor, but also a respectable teacher and friend! 


Cliché though it sounds, Po Leung Kuk/Hong Kong Rugby Union Scholarship has provided me with countless opportunities that I never imagined. I believe the best way to express my gratitude towards the Program is to strive to return to the community and the globe." – Trista Li, Current Hong Kong University Law Student

Our Beneficiaries

Kobe Ko, Assistant Director of Studies of the Po Leung Kuk/Hong Kong Rugby Union/Sprouts Foundation Education Services Centre and Secondary Education Services Centre, accompanied a group of young boys to the Touraid Festival of Rugby in the UK. "Through a kind referral from the Hong Kong Rugby Union, we are so pleased and honoured to have been invited again by Touraid to join last year’s Festival of Rugby for the Under 13 boys. Ten groups of U13 boys from nine countries met in the UK from 30 September to 10 October 2015. This trip reinforces Touraid’s slogan: What goes on tour no longer stays on tour, it stays with you for life. For our boys, it was a life changing experience." Kobe Ko, Assistant Director of Studies, Education Services Centre (ESC)


Below are the stories of the students in the rugby travel group: 


"I miss my friends from Hockerill and my host family a lot. They took very good care of me. I also realized how much I love playing rugby, the feeling of tackling somebody is awesome. I want to be a rugby player playing for Hong Kong when I grow up." 

Benson, F.1 student 


"I miss the time that we climbed a tree in the backyard of the host family, we are never allowed to climb trees in Hong Kong! I still keep in touch with my host family through email after I came back to Hong Kong. I hope I can see them again one day and they promise they will come and visit me." Tony, F.1 Student 


"I am a lot more confident of speaking English with foreigners now as I kept speaking English to my UK friends and host family in the 10 days. I want to improve my English so that I can better communicate with them when I have the chance to see them later." –

Mike, P.6 Student 


"The training before the trip was the most difficult part for me as I was not a sporty person and the training required a lot of physical strength. But I was so happy that I made it at the end. Though children from the other countries were a lot more skillful than us, we did our best in every game and we enjoyed a lot and learned a lot from the other players on the rugby pitch." Ian, P.5 Student 

"My son and I enjoyed coming to the Baby College and we have been here for 3 years. We like the staff members who are professional and kind. I gained a lot from the centre. I can learn a lot of parental skills and the benefits of reading with my son at young age. I have new friends and we support each other outside the centre. This is a very useful and meaningful service in the community. Thank you very much!" – Ah Yin, a mother who joined the Baby College in 2013

"My daughter,Salina, was very moody and quiet and I had a hard dealing with her emotional issues before coming to the CLC. Thanks to the CLC, my daughter not only improved a lot academically but also learned the tricks to express herself by using actions and words. Salina attends the emotional support group and the course helps her a lot in social skills and emotional management skills. She likes singing and doing drama at home now." – Mrs. Poon, a mother whose daughter has emotional support needs and attends the Children's Learning Centre (CLC)

"My grandson enjoys coming to the centre. He has better time management skills because he wants to come and play with the children by finishing the assignment punctually." – The grandmother of a 9-yr-old boy attending CLC

"Thanks to the CLC, my four daughters have been benefiting from the centre as I am illiterate. The elder daughter is receiving tertiary education in finance. The second one studies in a band-one English Secondary School. The third one is in P5 and the little one enjoys the kindergarten class a lot. The service is excellent as my youngest daughter started from the Baby College and then the CLC. The teachers always invite us to join outings which are rare experiences for my children, to learn more apart from books and school." – Mrs. Tong, a mother of four daughters

"The Language Training Programme (LTP) staff are very kind and the kids really learn a lot.  The teaching materials that they use are very visual and high quality so the kids are always engaged. They really love the games and the songs." - Ms. Ho, Childcare worker in Po Leung Kuk

"The Kuk kids are a special group and not everyone can teach them.  The LTP has great teachers who care for them and who work hard with them.  In school, we can see the benefits in their confidence and their willingness to speak in English.  A lot of children cannot do that." - Principal Lau, Principal of a Primary School in Causeway Bay

"The Language Training Programme has been providing English and Putonghua courses for the Kuk’s residential children in the past years. Children’s interest in language learning is developed through interactive and fun activities, like story-telling, newsletter, drama show and singing contest. These activities, which are different from formal classroom education, are effective means to build up children’s self-confidence in language learning as well as to develop their various potentials. The programme also organizes various outdoor learning opportunities, such as cultural, traditional customs, and sports activities which have largely enriched the children’s learning exposure. May I express my deepest gratitude to the contribution of the Language Training Programme to our residential children in language learning. I hope that there would be same support of the Language Training Programme to our children in the future." - Ms Teresa Leung, Officer-in-Charge, Children Section, Po Leung Kuk

From the parents of children attending the Education Services Centre (ESC) Programme:


"My child learns more English and sometimes he speaks English at home."
- Mrs. Lau, her son Jacky is in P3


"My daughter likes the teachers very much, she enjoys attending all your programs."
- Mrs. Chiu, mother of Angel in P3


"Your teaching style is very suitable for my son, he learns different skills through cooking, art and craft, etc. He also enjoys storytelling class as well." - Mrs. Kwok, mother of Wilson in P4


"My child is more happy after joining the program. She loves to share what she has learned in the class."

- Mrs. Mak, mother of Bibi in P4


"Teachers are patient and willing to help my kid. Interactive lessons are suitable for my energetic son."
- Mr. Tsai, father of Frank in P6


"My son has fun lessons in your centre and is keen to share what he has learned with me. The teachers are caring."
- Mrs. Hui, mother of Steven in P5


"My daughter can learn without pressure in your English lessons which are very relaxing." - Mr. Kwan, father of Kelly in P5


"I have been studying in Po Leung Kuk for 5 years. I still remembered the first time I came in Mei Lam (CLC). Before I studied in here, I thought it might be like a normal and standard English lesson which was similar to our school. But I was wrong, the classes were taught in a more interesting and relaxing way.There were two parts in the class which were story telling and lessons prepared by a NET teacher. I had encountered lots of story telling teachers during these 5 years like Tommy, Rosalina and Salina.They are all nice and friendly.We read more books during the lessons. As a Hong Kong students, we seldom read English books, so it was a good chance to improve our reading and speaking skills.


My NET teacher is Miss Lin. I wanted to say thanks a lot to her. She had been teaching me since form 2.She prepared a lot for us.When we were in junior form, she focused on teaching us English by playing games as she knew that we were tired after the whole school days. So, instead of teaching difficult and boring English, she used video from YouTube,cooking,video games to teach English. It helped us to improve our vocabulary skills. She talked with us a lot during the lessons which helped me to improve my communication skills. I was a shy person and was not confident enough to speak English before. But now, I can speak English fluently.When we were in senior form, she focused on teaching the skills of DSE exam.  She prepared different sets of paper during the lesson which included reading, writing, listening and speaking. I was not good at writing so Miss Lin helped me to correct the mistakes when I handed in my writing to her. I had lots of grammar mistakes and she needed to spend at least an hour to correct my paper. She was a helpful teacher because she taught us with her heart.Without her ,I may never know my problem. I remembered she told me that "You can choose to play or study at this moment but just don't regret it one day. Practice makes perfect." I may not get a good result in DSE exam, but my English has really improved a lot.Thus, thanks CLC for providing me the free English lessons and teachers, especially Miss Lin. She inspires me a lot.


Apart from lessons, CLC also provided us with lots of activities which included both indoor and outdoor. They tried their best to provide some activities that we may never have a chance to visit such as IFC and the big event like Rugby 7 which widened our horizon. I still remembered the time I visited those places and my feeling was 'wow'! Besides,we could go to Disney almost every year, thanks to Miss Lin.Visiting Disney was expensive trip, but we could enjoy our visit there. Of course, there were still lots of  other activities like going to Cheung Chau,watching movies and sports days.We had lots of fun.


What's more, I met many friends in here. I enjoyed the time studying and playing with them.We shared our happiness together. CLC has provided me the chance to study,play and make friends which are all valuable. Now, I am graduating, I truly miss the time at CLC. But, when I am free, I will visit again. CLC is like my home.Thank you for providing me five joyful years." - Carolina, student of CLC in Lei Muk Shue

Our Volunteers

"I volunteered as a Teacher Assistant at the Language Training Programme English/Putonghua classes for P.2 and P.3 children: 3 hours, once a week for 3 years. I looked forward to the time spent with the children. They have fun learning these new languages and enjoy the storytelling, games, reading and watching films. At the end of the year, I could see the improvement in the children's confidence and ability to speak English and Putonghua. They were more willing and comfortable to speak and practice with me the English and Putonghua words they have learned. The LTP method definitely works."  – Julia Li, Graphic Designer, The Naughton Group

"You would never know what you would get after spending times with the lovely kids. There are ups and downs in our life: you may feel exhausted after a long day's work; you may feel disappointed if someone fails to meet your expectation; you may feel lost if you keep doing the same thing day by day. However, when I get into the Po Leung Kuk Language Training Programme (LTP) centre, I am sure I would be greeted by the warmest smile and welcome from the kids. We are not the one who offers help but, indeed, we are the one who’s being helped. Thank you kids!" – Ian Sham, Editor, Racing World Publication



人生充滿苦與樂。也許經過一天辛勤的工作後,我們會感到極度疲累。也許有些人未能達到你的要求時,你會感到失望。也許每天你都在重覆又重覆地做著相同的事情時,你會感到迷失。然而,當你跨步踏進保良局語文培訓計劃中心時,你必會受到小朋友們最真摯熱情的接待。其實,我們不是給予幫助,而是受到幫助。保良局的小朋友們,謝謝你。– 岑健龍, 賽馬天下編輯

“Kids are very smart at Po Leung Kuk. They have learned all the life hacks at a very early age. Having to live with a group of kids at the same age, they have developed excellent communications skills with their peers and volunteers. Without parents spoiling, they manage to fight for what they want themselves. PLK provides the shelter and necessities for survival, but more of the love and care that could help create a welcoming environment for kids to grow, to make sense of this world, to learn, and to become independent individuals. I like going to PLK because it is not the children who needs me; it is me who needs the kids to remind me to have faith, to believe and to challenge life as it is.”  – Scarlett Chan, Fundraising Manager/Customer Relations, FR Events Asia