Sponsor an Education

The Po Leung Kuk Scholarship Fund was set up in 2001 to provide financial assistance to students from low income families who are attending university or other associate degree.


Money is allocated so the scholars can enjoy their university life without having to take part-time jobs to pay for books, dormitory fees, transportation and clothing.  Students come from the Po Leung Kuk system, young people who were brought up at the Children Home or from the Po Leung Kuk schools. 


The PLK has 121 educational organisations spread out in the poorest areas of Hong Kong and the screening of scholarship candidates is done through recommendations from social workers or from the school principals to make sure they truly need the financial assistance.


The scholars study the degree of their choice and the Scholarship Fund will be awarded throughout the entire period while the students are studying at university.  Scholars will receive their stipend every quarter and they have to provide a record of their class attendance including a grade maintaining of GPA 2.2 and above per semester.


The PLK Scholarship Fund also helps the students with mentoring programs and summer internships provided by our generous corporate sponsors as well as seminars on etiquette and table manners, social skills that will help them navigate the professional world after they leave university. The mentoring programs, internships and other development programmes have opened doors and given them opportunities that would not have been easily accessible to them.


The scholars who have graduated have formed an alumni association, the PLK Scholarship Alumni Association, which gives these young people an excellent opportunity to get connected and network among themselves.  The Alumni have been organizing various types of volunteer work, their way of giving back to the society that helped them when they needed help the most.


The PLK Scholarship Fund has proven to be very successful.  We have helped 180 students so far, and we are proud to say that our graduates are working as lawyers, doctors, nurses, accountants, journalists, bankers, financial consultants, police inspectors, etc. To read the testimonials from our scholars, please click here


If you have need more information about the Po Leung Kuk Scholarship Fund, please do not hesitate to contact: Celia Kwong, celiagarcia@netvigator.com, Mobile No. (852) 9091 4732.