Programme Events


Mini Rugby - Under 12 Girls Sevens

March 2017

Sunday 2nd April- 6 girls from Po Leung Kuk competed in the U12 Girls Sevens.  They have been training hard with their team in HKFC and they played well together.  After making it through the semi-final plate tournament they were defeated in the finals- but they have developed their skills, teamwork and their passion for rugby continues to shine.  


English Game Day

March 2017

Since 2010, CLC has been organizing an 'English Game Day' three times a year for a primary school in Lei Muk Shue. Students from primary 1 to 6 are actively participating in these fun and interactive games.

Game booths such as 'Pictionary' and 'Bingo', Chitchat station, Dancing King and Queen, etc are set up to provide students with different dimension of fun and entertainment. The students are eager to learn, excited and very participative, The 'English Game Day' not only provides students with the opportunities to use English, but they are also rewarded with a gift by playing these games. 


Feedback from the teachers is positive and encouraging; the 'English Game Day' helps students to speak English with confidence and they are motivated to learn and improve their English.  


Hong Kong Rugby Union Scholars Alumni Association Annual Lunch

June 2016

The Hong Kong Rugby Union Scholars Alumni Association (HKRUSAA), Session 2014, organised the annual scholars' lunch held on 12 June 2016 at the Po Leung Kuk Sally Leung Hall. The event is a joint effort of the Hong Kong Rugby Union Community Foundation, Po Leung Kuk and the HKRUSAA. It is an excellent chance for existing and graduated scholarship winners to meet, interact, exchange ideas and network among themselves.


The guest speaker Robbie McRobbie, Deputy CEO of the Hong Kong Rugby Union, encouraged the scholars to fearlessly follow their dreams, no matter the obstacles that come their way.


The event was also attended by Po Leung Kuk Chairman, Dr. Eleanor Kwok; Dave Garcia, Chairman of the Ruck 'N' Roll Charity Ball Committee; representatives of the Macquarie Bank Mentorship programme; executives from the Hong Kong Rugby Union and members of the Ruck 'N' Roll charity ball organising committee.


Dinner Treat by Bank of America Merrill Lynch for ESC Students

July 2016

Bank of America Merrill Lynch donated food vouchers that gave 25 of our students the chance to enjoy a lovely dinner at Craftsteak Restaurant in Soho on 14 and 15 July 2016.


The students were thrilled at the experience of dining in a high end restaurant. In addition, they were able to practice the dining etiquette that the staff at the ESC have taught them. They were also excited about getting on the longest escalator for the first time. The pictures of the happy faces say it all.


Language Training Programme
Cathay Pacific City Tour / Hong Kong Football Club Citi Soccer Sevens

May 2016


A group of secondary students from the Children’s Learning Centre took a guided tour of Cathay Pacific and Cathay City in Chek Lap Kok  on Saturday, 28 May 2016. The one and a half hour program included a tour of the flight training centre, cabin and check-in counter mock-up and cabin crew lounge. It gave students a fantastic opportunity to learn about the different aspects of aviation operations and services as well as an idea of the aviation job market.

Our students were invited to attend HKFC- Citi Soccer Sevens on Saturday, May 21, 2016. This event aims to open doors to many young football players to further their professional dreams. Teams that regularly compete in local leagues and international tournaments participate in this three-day event. Fans and students can also attend an afternoon of fun-filled activities at the ‘Fanzone’ which features PlayStation consoles, a bouncy castle, an interactive football game, live streaming of HKFC-Citi Soccer Sevens, live painting and face painting. 


Sprouts Foundation Education Services Centre
GSIS Fun Day  / Hong Kong Sevens

April and May 2016


For the fourth year, we extend a big thank you to the Hong Kong Rugby Union, Terence Tsai and Capital Group for a fun day for 31 Sprouts Foundation children. They had a great time at the Hong Kong Sevens. Some kids have started playing touch rugby courtesy of the free coaching offered by HKRU.

On 24th May, fifty Year 6 students from the German Swiss International School visited WCH school and had an exploration day with our primary 4 and primary 6 students. Our students showed the GSIS students around their community and the Lung Hang Estate. The GSIS students and our students built a newspaper tower using different creative methods. It was a fun day and there was a lot of interaction between our students and the GSIS students. 


Sprouts Foundation Secondary Education Services Centre
Tung Wah Carnival / Ms. Charlotte’s Sculpture Exhibition

March and May 2016


Carnivals are not only for the ESC students. Eight SESC students took time off from books and spent a fun day at the Tung Wah Carnival in March. The boys enjoyed the scariest thrill rides. They screamed a lot that day – a good way to release pressure from school related work.

After the HK Sevens, a group of our SESC students took a different kind of lesson from their ceramics teacher, Charlotte de Charentenay. They went to her exhibition to learn more about her works of art. Thank you Charlotte!